So, I’m giving Facebook a quick perusal, as I’m wont to do, and a friend posts something very interesting to me in her status update:

“A friend of mine and I were having an intense discussion on spirituality/faith/life today and an interesting question was posed. I know my friends here come from many different backgrounds, and I am curious to hear your answers:
Why does the Universe need to destroy that which seems perfect, when you can see no reason or value behind it? We all have had this experience, and I know my belief behind it. What is yours?”

This post got me thinking and my quick response was:

“Perfection is illusion, and everything has it’s cycle. Nothing is in stasis –NOTHING. So, what seems “perfect” is only our perception of a momentary state of being. In order to keep things in balance, what we perceive as “destruction” must happen — and at many levels, micro to macro (individual to continental/global).

Now, this doesn’t mean that the human experiment hasn’t thrown some things WAY out of balance on the global scale. In fact, I have a not-so-thoroughly-thought-out theory that some of the major disasters we’re witnessing are the direct result of the major fuck-ups we’ve created on this planet, which in turn is forcing the Earth/Universe to respond in kind. She’s trying to get rid of a parasitic virus, or at least bring it back to “normal” levels. The Earth — and its populations — are sick. Really, really sick. There are pockets of people trying to make it better, and SLOWLY, some new people are listening and adopting new ways of being and interacting with each other and the planet. It’s hard to say, but honestly I think major destruction is the only thing that seems to be getting the attention of people. Sad.

I think our individual jobs are to add our energy to what we feel is right and healing for ourselves (and the planet.) I think the only way to see past the “destruction” is to *constantly* work on releasing ego and opening our hearts and hands to ourselves and others. And it’s ALWAYS practice! But if we spend our lives doing that, I think it provides perspective.”


I’d like to continue the discussion — what do you think about that question??  Why do you think destruction exists?

2 Responses to “Facebook IS good for more than just farm animals …”

  • Heather says:

    I think that the perception of perfection is often destroyed in an effort to deter complacency. I feel that if we were put on this planet to sit stagnant and content, we would not have been given the ability to think to the levels that we do. Why waste the “power” of thought on something that doesn’t need it? So, the Universe changes things up, often in catastrophic and destructive ways (i.e., death, destruction) so as to keep the mind moving-to keep us from getting bored (like the saying goes, “bored to death”). Everything on the planet is made up of energy, and therefore, constantly moving. It only makes sense that there be a catalyst to keep the working mind of man constantly moving as well.

    The perception of perfection is what determines the extent to which the mind moves forward. The more intelligent or complex the mind, the greater the perception and thus, the greater the destruction that is needed. Just my own opinions…

  • Hiking_Yogini says:

    Thanks for sharing those thoughts, Heather! I agree that everything on the planet is ultimately energy. What I do wish was a little different was the *need* for such destructive catalysts to get us changing. We need more of the folks who like to improve things (and I mean w/all things in mind — human, culture, ecology), rather than be willing to keep status quo.

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