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Over this past weekend, I received a call from a friend asking about some hiking dates and I realized that, wow, I haven’t been on a hike in probably two months! What happened? Life, obligations and some other fun stuff happened. But I’m overdue so I sat down last night and started thinking about the next hike and it occurred to me that this process just might be helpful to those new to hiking, and specifically new to hiking in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

First Step:  Choosing the hike
Franconia Ridge, White Mountains, New Hamshire

Taking a break on Franconia Ridge in the White Mountains about 7 years ago.

I’ve hiked a lot of mountains in the White Mountain National Forest, but in the past few years, I haven’t made it north as often as I used to or would like to. So what does this mean? It means I need to assess my cardio/fitness abilities and make that a crucial point in determining which mountain to tackle. I work out and practice yoga, but I haven’t kept up the cardio level necessary to climb 4,000+ ft mountains with ease.  Perfect moment for yoga mindfulness — asking myself how fit am I NOW? When planning this type of hike, you need to ask yourself the same question, and answer honestly — it’s crucial to both enjoying the hike and remaining safe. Read the rest of this entry »