The Autumnal Equinox is the last day of summer and marks the transition to fall. In my spiritual path, this is the time to honor the blessings, accomplishments and abundance the year has brought; to sit in gratitude for a moment in this time of balance before we release what is no longer necessary and move to the dark part of the year. And in this moment, in order to fully honor my blessings, I must bow down with deep gratitude to my past, present and future students, as well as my past, present and future yoga teachers and colleagues.

Thank you for being the individuals you are. Thank you for showing up and practicing with earnest intention. Thank you for your questions and curiosity. Thank you for honoring your bodies, minds and hearts when you step on your mat. Thank you for practicing even when it challenges you. Thank you for taking Child’s Pose when you must. Thank you for sharing your journey with me. Thank you for opening my mind, heart and body by challenging me in my own practice. Thank you for reminding me with every class how gloriously connected we all are. 

My students, I am humbled and honored by the things you say to me when you approach me after class.  I’m grateful for the word of mouth praise.  It’s amazing to know that even after a long and stress-filled day in a cubicle that I can show up to share Yoga with YOU and my heart fills with grace, my body fills with prana and my mind finds peace.  I learn from all of you every time I teach.  I learn from my fellow Yoga teachers every time I’m lucky enough to escape the cubicle long enough to take a class. I am blessed.

So, at the Equinox, I wish for you to know gratitude in your heart for all your blessings, hard work and accomplishments. May you have balance in your days. May the season bring you abundance. And may you have the fortitude to roll up your sleeves and face all your challenges with courage and equanimity.

Bright Blessings.  Namaste.

Giving thanks for abundance is sweeter than the abundance itself~ Rumi

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